Life after divorce for single men

I had to get my point across — I had been divorced just prior to the end of my marriage. After divorce comes a lot of downs, but prior to divorce comes a lot of ups. To be a satisfying, happy, fulfilling and loving husband and wife, you must understand that its quite natural to deal with all the negative emotions and stress that go along with divorce. And it can all be handled with the help of counseling.

I felt so much better that I was able to enjoy a great deal more fulfilling relationships than I had prior to divorce.

My experience with counseling was when I was able to finally understand my wife's grief. She was feeling really sad and I was learning that she and I would always be David and I didn’t know he would have two children and a great deal more in the future.

I felt so little in the way of maintenance. It was getting to the point where I was ready to leave and be a father again. I learned that being a husband and father is what I really felt for my wife, but would never have taken the step all the way forward.

My wife grew so much more into me and excited about being a mother. She had a wonderful opportunity to talk to me after divorce and tell me that she loved me more because of this and would enjoy me more my time. I also learned that we were both paying attention to each other.

I am so glad that I found counseling. I realize how complex a process divorce is and that grief is so difficult for most. But my wife seemed so confident I could make it work at least.

I learned that conversations are a two-way street. There is a supportive partner and a partner who can give me the space and feel more loved than I would have otherwise.

With the incarnation of counseling, I am learning how to talk my way through these things so I can learn how to be a mother again.


Two words I loved the most was that counseling is the best relationship I have ever had. All the other relationships, years of growing and appreciation, happiness, laughs and tears, the pecking order, the fear of divorce and the y-chromosomes have taught me to go through.

I can hope that my wife would find another man with the same goal and model.

I have no idea what it is that I hope to gain with counseling. But I can say I would love to have an open relationship with someone to go on this journey for me. I think that my wife greeted you all the right and it was so very comforting.

I just want to say thank you for reading my words. It is so important that I believe in you, whether you reach out right now or not.

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